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While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt
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Kathryn, Brandon, Ashlyn

Kathryn, Katey, Kit Kat
11yrs old and going on 30.
Kathryn is in 5th grade and is in LOVE with Orlando Bloom. She can quote him from pirates and kids choice awards, and actually sounds just like him. She enjoy's basketball, choir, newspaper club, friends and family.
Kathryn is a wonderful big sister, and one of the best daughters a mom could ask for.

Brandon, Buster Brown, Bro-Bro
8yrs old and my little man.
Brandon is in 2nd grade and is a little jokester.
He looks just like his daddy, and has such a pure loving heart. Brandon enjoys riding his bike, guitar hero, jamming to music, and playing with his little sister.
Brandon is a terrific big brother and always makes sure to give his baby sister hugs and kisses before he leaves.

Ashlyn Grace, Baby Grace, Ash, Ashy
Ashlyn is 2 yrs old and is def. the baby.
She turns 3 in June and loves being a big girl.
She follows sissy and Bro - Bro everywhere and doesnt realize she's so little. She is def. the drama mama of the house and pouts till she gets her way, which isn't hard when brother and sister are home. She is so much fun, and def. the perfect addition to our family.